Welcome to Garrett Hill, Radnor Township, Pennsylvania


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Rain Garden Growing - Spring 2013

JuneRainGarden June - Rain garden plants and rain storms.
RG6-6-13 Sweet Bay Magnolia
RainGardenView Garden View
GrowingGarden Summer View
PlantView Garden Plants

Rain Garden Construction - October 27, 2012

Excavated rain garden Laying jute landscape cloth
Garden hole with outdrain channel River rock cobbles
Welcome table 1 Moving river rock
Welcome table 2 Spreading cobbles - inlet swales
Shaping the berm Planting shrubs 1
Perforated pipe and protective sleeve Planting shrubs 2
Laying drain pipe

Planting shrubs 3

Positioning drain pipe Spreading last mulch
Spreading sand 1 Pinning jute landscape cloth
Spreading sand 2 Planting plants
Final pipe arrangement Garden planted 1
Installation of perforated pipe complete Garden planted 2
Soil delivery 1 BSA Troop 19 - Scouts at work 1
Soil delivery 2 BSA Troop 19 - Scouts at work 2
Spreading soil 1 Eagle Scout candidate, Colin McCrossan
Spreading soil 2 Colin McCrossan, John Nystedt, Paul Overbeck


Hurricane Sandy:

October 29, 9:30 am

Garden View 1
Garden View 2
Garden View 3
Garden View 4

October 29, 11:00 am

Garden View
Overflow swale
Underdrain outflow
North swale
Gate swale
North drainage (outside of garden)

October 30, 9:00 am

Garden drained, Tuesday morning

October 30, 12:00 noon

Garden View 1

Garden View 2

Garden with Valley Run beyond
Underdrain outflow